The Cloud Agronomics Platform lets you understand all aspects of soil carbon, all in one place.

The Platform

A single, web-based platform where you can view and export soil carbon measurements, insights, and detailed maps at up to 10-meter resolution. Aggregate and share insights at the field, county, or state level.

Generate carbon credits

The trusted measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) partner for carbon project developers on agricultural lands

  • No practice data required: We track soil carbon directly, without the guesswork of practice-based models.
  • Permanence: We work with project developers to track and meet permanence requirements.
  • Priced to Scale: Our methodology provides up to a 75% reduction in cost compared to sampling alone.
  • Capture In-field variability: Our measurements are derived from thousands of points in a field.
  • Measurements everywhere: our technology can quantify carbon stocks and how they are changing over time on millions of acres.
Manage projects smarter

Analytics on your target fields, for you and your growers.

  • Initial carbon estimates available within minutes, not weeks.
  • Business intelligence: how do your fields compare to others in the same area? What is your average rate of sequestration? 
  • Match historical practice data with soil carbon stocks and trends.
  • Sampling prescriptions: we help project developers determine optimal sampling locations, maximize efficiency, and minimize uncertainty in measurements.
  • Share carbon insights directly with growers. 
Monitor sustainable sourcing throughout your supply chain

Track land-based emissions and sequestration for sustainable sourcing

  • Monitor regenerative practices across a supply shed.
  • Provide sustainability metrics to CPGs and other customers in the supply chain.
  • Set tonnage targets and reduce risk in achieving emissions goals.

APIs and Integrations

  • Reach out to learn about how we can serve soil carbon maps directly through your platform.
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