Unlocking Agriculture’s
Potential to Address
Climate Change

Cloud Agronomics provides precision at scale. By optimizing and scaling gold-standard lab-grade technology, we have created one of the largest ground-validated datasets for agriculture in the world.

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Satellite Imagery

Global scale, but "pretty pictures”. No measurable, dynamic metrics

Point Sampling

Precise, but expensive and laborious. A snapshot in time and geography

Cloud Agronomics

Precision and scale. A living map of agricultural metrics

Cloud Agronomics is the first viable solution to quantify the effects of regenerative agricultural practices

Our Differentiators

Hyperspectral Imaging

A breakthrough in science and technology to extract insights from airborne remote sensing.

Historical Database

Multi-year, representative datasets to determine the environmental factors that affect plant and soil health.

Machine Learning

Proprietary deep learning that identifies the chemical fingerprint of a target property.


zoom into sub-acre precision for a field or aggregate insights across your international operation.

Integrated Solutions for Sustainability

Cloud Agronomics’ portal is built for agriculture. Toggle through time, geography, and analytic layers to gain a comprehensive understanding of soil and plant health. Or, to power custom use cases, access and export our data with the farm management platform of your choice.

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We're always looking for partners, talent, and investors who share our vision for the future of food. Please direct all media, partnership, and investor inquiries to Petra Sikorski, Director of Business Development at psikorski@cloud.ag. You can also leave your information to the right and she will reach out at her earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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