Mapping carbon at continental scales.

Cloud Agronomics Basemap

Other continent-scale soil maps are low-resolution, out of date, and don’t take into account land management history. The Cloud Agronomics Basemap is available at up to 10-meter resolution, is always current, and makes it easy to see soil carbon changes unique to every field.

And, it’s validated rigorously against actual physical soil samples, not models.

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How Our Technology Works

Scalable measurement technology, backed by the same physical soil science trusted by project developers, carbon offset credit buyers, and ag companies.

Satellite remote sensing captures the information from lab-grade soil samples used to measure carbon credits today. Our AI learns how to replicate these measurements across the land at large scale, opening the door to carbon stock measurement everywhere.

Global sample archive

Our measurements are based on thousands of lab-analyzed soil samples collected around the world. We conduct our own soil surveys using techniques vetted by the latest research.

Remote Sensing AI

We aggregate high-resolution satellite images with other information using machine learning to quantify carbon stocks on millions of acres.

Ground-Truthed Validation

We ground-truth our carbon measurements using methods defined by third-party registries and government agencies.

How accurate is remote sensing + AI, really?

To meaningfully address climate change, we believe that any new technology needs to prove itself. Ours is no different. Our technology can quantify changes in soil carbon stocks that meet the requirements of third-party registries and government agencies, including Verra, Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, and the Australia Clean Energy Regulator. Contact us to learn more. We’re working directly with regulators to set standards for rigorous soil carbon quantification, for Cloud Agronomics and for the industry at large.